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On Dec 1, 2016, We Celebrated 20 Years In The Web Design & Development Business.....We Build Custom Solutions Including Design, Development, Hosting, eCommerce, Marketing, Maintenance and Live Support....We Post Our Rates Online So You Don't Have To Guess!.....We Offer A Free Initial Consultation To Introduce Ourselves And Answer Any Questions You May Have, Call Us At 478-922-8979.

Welcome To Our Web Design Services

We Build Custom Solutions Including Design, Development, Hosting, eCommerce, Marketing, Maintenance and Live Support.

When you choose Affordable Web Sites for your web designing and development needs, you are choosing a Business Web design company that started in 1996. We are members of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. With two decades of experience and a team of certified, qualified, and experienced web design professionals, we offer the best solutions in a well-planned manner after evaluating your business needs and goals. We survived the Dot Com Crash and emerged better and stronger. Most importantly, we are affordable while still delivering the highest quality.

Affordable Web Site’s Goal

As an Affordable Web design company, we are driven by one central goal:

To Deliver the Best-possible web designing services at the most affordable rate to a few select clients!

When you deal with us, you will realize the level of dedicated attention that we provide each one of our client. During the consultation phase, we will get all the details from you to ensure that we know what you need and what your goals are. We use this information to determine the best web technologies and systems that would address those needs and achieve those goals.

About Our Basic Packages

We offer basic packages for clients that are just getting started and do not need any immediate maintenance or marketing. These discount website packages covers a new domain name, design and 3 months of shared hosting. The package deals are beneficial for the small and medium size companies that are trying to imprint their foot-mark in the web world. more details here.

About Our Complete Packages

We offer complete packages on this website as well as many more professional services for existing, established or businesses that want the best we have to offer. These packages includes (but are not limited to) the consultation, research, design, marketing, managed hosting, maintenance, backup, disaster recovery and live support. When comparing the packages on this website to other competitors, make sure they include everything we include in our complete packages. more details here.

When you invest in our complete packages, you pay one monthly fee and never have to pay anything additional for any service your project needs. We call this our NetAssurance service, which lets you run your business while we run your website. Call for complete details 478-922-8979.

WordPress Development

WordPress vs. Traditional Designing? They are totally different concepts. Unfortunately, there has been so many issues with WordPress sites being destroyed or corrupted during updates that we cannot touch it. And we honestly believe that while hosted WordPress might soldier on, installed WordPress will not.

There are too many really good, light CMS tools available that work seamlessly in a normal site developed in Dreamweaver or any other desktop editor. And to top it all off, WordPress plugins are a dime a dozen, so if we even did decide to use WordPress we could not possibly be able to provide 1st class support. We use WordPress as it was originally intended, as a blogging tool, view our blog here.

It's a myth that Google gives WordPress special placement treatment.


Affordable Web Design Team

We have a simple and effective team policy:

Each member is assigned to a part of the job that he/she enjoys doing!
This is our tried and tested formula and has helped reduce turnover and eliminate mistakes for us over the decades. All our professionals are specialized degree holders, certified or have at least 10 years of experience.

Our team also undergoes periodic training to ensure that they remain updated with the current technologies in the web industry. At any given time, our staff will only work on the number of clients that we can handle with full attention. This is what makes us one of the few businesses and ecommerce web design company in the industry that offers so much dedicated attention and services to our clients.

As a web design company we are always evolving with the ever-changing market dynamics. We also ensure that our clients also remain ahead of the curve so that their business and goals never get affected.

If you are looking for a web related company that has the experience, longevity, and excellent customer service at an affordable rate, you should strongly consider

If you are just looking for the lowest price for web related services, then perhaps you need to skip over our company.

For more information or help with designing your website, feel free to contact us at 478-922-8979 or

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