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We Build Custom Solutions Including Design, Development, Hosting, eCommerce, Marketing, Maintenance and Live Support.

When you choose Affordable Web Sites for your web designing and development needs, you are choosing a Business Web design company that started in 1996. We are members of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. With two decades of experience and a team of certified, qualified, and experienced web design professionals, we offer the best solutions in a well-planned manner after evaluating your business needs and goals.

How We Started?

Affordable Web Sites started on December 1, 1996 in Miami, Florida with one goal; to deliver the best-possible web designing services at an affordable rate to a few clients!

When you deal with our company, you will realize the level of dedicated attention that we provide each one of our client. During the consultation phase, we will get all the details from you to ensure that we know what you need and what your goals are. We use this information to determine the best web technologies and systems that would address those needs and achieve those goals.

"We Won't Brag About How Many Clients We Have, We'd Rather Brag About How We Treat The Clients We Have" more details here.

Our Top 5 Features

  1. You Work Directly With The Designer - Because we are a small professional company, you work directly with the designer from start to finish. You'll never have to speak to a customer service rep. If you need to speak to us, you simply pick up the phone and call us 478-922-8979.
  2. We have Our Own Domain Registrar - This allows us to register domain names ourselves, often lower than some of the major chains. Of course these domains names are ICAAN Accredited and supported by GoDaddy. Go to to register a new domain.
  3. We Provide Professional Maintenance - The best websites change all the time as their strategy is tweaked and updated. But the first time you delete your entire home page by mistake and lose eight hours of sales while you're trying to get it back up and running, you'll wish you'd spent the small extra money on a maintenance plan.
  4. We Provide You With SEO Assistance - No matter how attractive your website is, it will produce nothing unless someone knows it's there.
  5. We Provide LIVE Support - We're here we you need us LIVE Monday to Friday from 10a-7p.

For more information or help with designing your website, feel free to contact us at 478-922-8979 or


About Our Rates

The best way for us to give you an accurate rate for your project is to consult with you to discuss your needs. However, we've completed enough projects in our 20 years to be able to list a starting point for both a mobile project or an eCommerce project. It has been our experience, that it takes about 10-15 hours minimum to complete a budget project. We do our very best to work with your budget by offering in house financing or a smaller project to get started.

WordPress vs Traditional Designing?

These are totally different concepts. Unfortunately, there has been so many issues with WordPress sites being destroyed or corrupted during updates that we cannot touch it. Many clients choose to use WordPress because of it's content management system that let's you modify a part or all of your websites pages.

There are too many really good, light CMS(content management system) available that work seamlessly in a normal site developed in Dreamweaver or any other desktop editor. It's a myth that Google gives WordPress special placement treatment. We use WordPress as it was originally intended, as a blogging tool, view our blog here.


We've been partners with GoDaddy since 2000.


We've been partners with Constant Contact since 2003.


We've been partners with Big Commerce since 2007.


We've been partners with Graphics Stock since 2010.


We've been partners with Web CEO since 2004.


We've been partners with the BBB with an A+ rating since 2000 in both Miami, FL and now in Macon, GA.


We've been partners with HisCox since 2009.


We've lease a dedicated server just for our clients from Hostgator since 2007.



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Design & Development

It's unavoidable; if you want your website to survive today you need to go mobile. If users can't easily access your website on their smart phone or tablet, you run a serious risk of losing them.

Mobile websites like THIS ONE automatically adjusts to the device it's viewed on, Desktop, Tablet or Smart Phone. We can create a multi page mobile design, a nice one page scrolling “Parallax” mobile design or a multi product on-line store.

We have 2 main layout styles, a single “one page “layout and a multi page layout”. Our rates for a basic mobile package start at just $500.00, the same as they were in 1996. Most standard mobile website packages starts at $1000.00, while on-line store packages start at $1500.00.

Additional Design & Development Services Include, but are not limited to:

Logo designs
Image galleries
Graphics design

Our initial FREE consultation will determine your design needs. Call us today! at 478-922-8979.

Managed Hosting Services

Make sure friends, family and customers can see your website.

Hosting is what makes it possible for others to view your website over the Internet. Without it, you’re the only one who will ever get a look.

Our affiliate Affordable Domains (maintained by GoDaddy) is one of our hosting partners. We add basic maintenance to each hosting plan to provide what is called “managed hosting”.

            •          Includes basic maintenance, disaster recovery, more.
            •          Unlimited storage and bandwidth
            •          Scalability to fit your needs

Our initial FREE consultation will determine exactly what you need. Call us today! at 478-922-8979.

Ecommerce Solutions

We now only provide hosted online stores.  Online Stores(shopping carts) lets you sell products or services over the internet. These can be physical products or download-able products

Our partner for our hosted stores is BigCommerce. This is one of the best ecommerce providers on the internet. We setup your store, add your initial products, setup special options and provide 1 hour of training of your new online store.

Online Stores lets you sell products or services over the internet. These can be physical products or download-able products.

A list of what we do initially includes:
1.         We Choose/Develop a storefront design (basic or premium)
2.         We Activate and configure the store (includes all settings)
4.         We Assign your domain name to this store
5.         We Add initial items to store (up to 50 initial items)
6.         We Activate the store (launch the store on the internet)
7.         We Provide 60 minute training on using your store (at your convenience)

Additional eCommerce solutions includes, merchant accounts, payment gateways, SSL Certificates and Dedicated IP addresses.

Our initial FREE consultation will determine exactly what you just need. Call us today! at 478-922-8979.

Site Maintenance

Websites that stay fresh and are constantly updated are proven to increase traffic, boost sales and leads and strengthen brand authority. Let us maintain your website so you can focus on running your business. Your website shouldn’t be your second job.

Today’s informed consumer is able to quickly find your website and assess your credibility and whether you’re worthy of their time and money. Don’t lose conversions with a stale, broken, or vulnerable website. Our staff can complete your requests usually the same day, but normally within 24-48 hours.

Our initial FREE consultation will determine your needs. Call us today! at 478-922-8979.

Marketing Services

No matter how attractive your site is, it will produce nothing unless you let someone know that it's available. We’ve been providing Optimization, SEO marketing, email marketing, and google advertising services since 1996.

Search engine optimization is far too important to leave to chance – you have to get it right. The United States Census Bureau research shows that a whopping 89% of Internet users search on-line before they buy a product – even when they intend to buy that product from a local business. We have an 85-95% success rate.

Review our list of services, and our organic or adword section. We provide LOCAL or GLOBAL/National SEO, google advertising, email marketing, article and content writing.

Our initial FREE consultation will determine your needs, and show you sample results. Call us today! at 478-922-8979.

Web Site Support

Every website needs some type of support. This can be as simple as backups to site modifications.  We automatically offer site monitoring, backups and error corrections.

We make requested support simple by offering our LIVE SUPPORT services. We provide 30 or 60-minute blocks of time to complete as many tasks as we can within that time frame, SIMPLE. Our LIVE support rate is just $1.00 per minute, with a 30 minute min.

You have the option of a LIVE phone session or support requests can be handled via email.

Call us today! at 478-922-8979.


To pay for any of our services, make sure you have your major credit card info (AMEX, MASTER CARD OR VISA). The name and address must match exactly as it appears on your card and/or billing statement.

In addition, you must provide your Credit Card Identification Number(CID) that is located on the back of your master card or visa (3 DIGIT) and on the front if you have AMEX (4 DIGIT).


You Do Not Have To Have A Paypal Account To Use Paypal. Use The Button Below If Your Know The Amount To Be Paid

  1. Click on the "Pay Now" Button Below.
  2. Enter the amount you wish to pay.
  3. Click on the update link and enter either your Paypal info or credit card info.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Have You Been In Business?

We opened our doors in Miami, Florida Dec. 1, 1989 in a brick and mortar office with the goal of providing professional graphics.

On Dec 1, 1996, We expanded to web design and marketing. We launched our marketing website first to promote small businesses on the Internet. We later launched our design website

Due to a personal condo fire accident to the owner, on May 1, 2007, we moved our operations to Georgia.

Do You Use WordPress?

No, we are professional designers and have no need to use these tools. These are great for some clients that have some computer or web skills, but can be very time consuming. We have used professional grade web and graphics tools since we opened our doors, currently upgrading the most current Adobe™ Creative Cloud CC, service.

What Is The Rate For A Basic Project?

The best way for us to give you an accurate rate for your project is to consult with you to discuss your needs. However, we've completed enough projects to be able to give you an idea on this website. We have packages from $500 to $5,000.

Do You Provide Any Marketing Services?

No matter how attractive your site is, it will produce nothing unless you let someone know that it's available. We’ve been providing Optimization, SEO marketing, email marketing, and Google advertising services since 1996. We have an 85-95% success rate.

How Do I Update My Website Once Completed?

This is where we excel, since we built the site, we're in the best position to update it fast and accurately. You basically have 2 main choices depending on if you require frequent or periodic changes. Either way, we can either provide those changes for you which lets you focus on your business. The other option is for us to develop and install a content management system that will let you make basic changes to pages, while preserving your overall look.

What Forms Of Payments Do You Accept?

Through Paypal, we are able to accept most major credit cards (AMEX, Visa, Mastercard, Discover) and echecks.

How Do I Get Started?

You contact us at 478-922-8979 and let us provide you with your initial free consultation. We will attempt to answer any questions you may have. Once you're comfortable with our presentation, we will email you with a simple proposal complete with a deposit link. Once we receive your deposit, we will send you a "getting started' link that will provide you with the simple information you will need.

This information includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Sending your content/images/social media links, etc.
  2. Selecting your colors (we have an online color chart)
  3. If you do not have a domain name already, we will ask for 2-3 names you are considering so we can register them.

Contact Us Today At 478-922-8979 For Your Free Initial Consultation To Answer Your Remaining Questions.

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