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Our Marketing Services

No matter how attractive your site is, it will produce nothing unless you let someone know that it's available.

We’ve been providing Optimization, SEO marketing, email marketing, and Google advertising services since 1996. If you want to focus on google, there are basically two ways to get your site on Google. The quickest way is to use Google adwords, while this is the quickest way to get your site on this major search engine, it can also be the most expensive. The other way to get your site positioned on googles major search engines is through ORGANIC search results. We have an 85-95% success rate.

If your website is not visible on search engines, there is no point in investing in a well-designed site. This is where you will need our marketing services. We have been providing total online marketing services since 1996, having seen the Internet revolution from its initial “big bang” years to the recent age of maturity. We provide a complete suite of online marketing strategies based on the custom requirements of your website.

Customized internet marketing Services…

In our two decades of experience across all the marketing domains on the internet, we have come to know that each website and each business is unique.  Therefore, the combination of online promotional methodologies that will work for one website may not usually work for another site, even if it is in the same niche. There are four factors in the world of search engine marketing that will differentiate you from the competition in terms of the strategies you must embrace:

  • Your niche
  • Your keywords
  • Your business goals
  • Your website’s design

As one of the most experienced seo marketing services around, we can provide you customized online marketing services based on all these factors.

A Summary Of SEO Cost?

Ranking nationally for a highly prized keyword that may be $10 per click in AdWords will have far more costs associated with it than ranking for a locally oriented keyword. This, of course, influences the price of SEO for your unique situation. 

  • Situation. Where are you listed currently?
  • Objectives. Where do you want to be?
  • Timeline. How fast do you want to improve

Only by looking at these three elements can any agency calculate how much SEO should cost for your business.

SEO prices in the US

Moz published the results of a survey on SEO providers that included pricing, and it showed a huge range of monthly pricing. These prices are not specific to small businesses, but still, they give you an idea. Our rates are definetly in the 10% range.

  • 10% — less than $500
  • 27% — $500-1,000
  • 29% — $1,000-2,500
  • 20% — $2,500-5,000
  • 15% — $5,000-10,000

The marketing of your website is so important that we've dedicated an entire website to this service. We provide our marketing services directly through our marketing website. Click the image below or


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