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Introduction To Marketing Services

No matter how attractive your site is, it will produce nothing unless you let someone know that it's available. We’ve been providing Optimization, SEO marketing, email marketing, and Google advertising services since 1996. There are basically two ways to get your site on Google. The quickest way is to use Google adwords, while this is the quickest way to get your site on this major search engine, it can also be the most expensive. The other way to get your site positioned on googles major search engines is through ORGANIC search results. We have an 85-95% success rate.

Marketing services are so important to the success of your project that we dedicated a complete website to this service. Visit our marketing website at or click the image for a complete list of all of our optional marketing services.

Features Of Our SEO Marketing Services

Long Tail Keywords

Initial Consultation/Assessment

Phone Consultation
Initial Keyword Assessment

Initial Research

Keyword Analysis (updated as needed)
Keyword Identification For Your Business
Comprehensive Website Audit Each Month
Competitor Analysis (1 competitor)

Initial Analysis

Website Structure Analysis
Competitive Analysis
Google Webmaster Setup and Monitoring

Initial On Page Optimization

Site-map Creation & Submission
Robot.txt File Created (updated as needed)
Meta Description Optimization
Page Title & Header Tags Optimization
Image Alt Tags Optimization
Canonicalization For Duplicate Pages

Off Page Optimization

Manual Submissions To Directories (Google Places, Yahoo Local,
400 Word Article Created & Submitted


Rankings Summary Report
Competition Research Report


Ongoing Support and Advice

Rate Per Month For 5-10 Longtail Keywords

Let Us Review Your Keywords/Industry For Your Rate


Additional Optional Marketing Services

Additional Long Tail Keywords

Additional Research & Analysis With Reports

Additional Competitor Analysis

Additional Off Page Optimization

400 Word Article Created & Submitted Each Month

Email Marketing

Search Engine Advertising




What's new in the new Website Audit tool?
Our new Website Audit tool has been rewritten from the ground up. There are several new pages in the report:

  1. New: The overview page now shows the progress of every web page issue over time.
  2. New: "Content topics" shows the most popular topics on the pages of a site.
  3. New: "Duplicate content" shows the duplicate content of your website at a glance.
  4. New: "Indexability" shows the indexability of the pages of the analyzed website.
  5. New: "Links to external pages" shows the most linked external domains on the website with statistics.
  6. New: "Links to internal pages" shows a statistical overview of the internal links on the analyzed website.
  7. New: "Security" reports security problems of your website.
  8. New: "Structured data" and "Technologies" give an overview of the usage of structured data markup code and other technologies (for example AMP) on the analyzed website.


What's better in our new Website audit tool?
Our new Website Audit tool in is the most comprehensive audit tool that you can get. We also improved the features that were available in the previous version:

  1. Better: Now supports HTTP/2 and all kinds of HTTPS sites (including the more exotic configurations).
  2. Better: Now checks for the maximum title width (in pixels) that Google is able to display on the search result page.
  3. Better: Now follows frameset links (FRAME src, IFRAME src) on websites that use outdated framing methods.
  4. Better: We can now export duplicate page titles, duplicate meta descriptions and all "noindex" errors. In addition, you can now preview the export files.
  5. Better: The robots.txt file will now be checked for syntax errors and spelling mistakes in commands.
  6. Better: Our Website Audit tool now supports all kinds of structured data that is used by Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Twitter and Facebook, i.e. JSON-LD, RDFa, Microdata, Microformats, Twitter Cards and Open Graph.
  7. Better: We can now override your robots.txt file by specifying a crawl delay and a list of allowed/disallowed URLs.
  8. Better: We can now enter up to 1000 words (per project) that will be ignored by the spell checker.
  9. Better: We can now specify a user agent. For example, this enables you to crawl your website as Googlebot.
  10. Better: We can now select the Accept-Language header to crawl locale-adaptive content.
  11. Better: AJAX escaped fragment websites will now be recognized automatically.
  12. Better: Our Website Audit tool now loads pages with a size of up to 10 MB.

We offer better filters, better instructions, and much more. Our new website audit tool offers everything that you need to get the best rankings for your web pages.


We Build All Projects From Scratch


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To pay for any of our services, make sure you have your major credit card info (AMEX, MASTER CARD OR VISA). The name and address must match exactly as it appears on your card and/or billing statement.

In addition, you must provide your Credit Card Identification Number(CID) that is located on the back of your master card or visa (3 DIGIT) and on the front if you have AMEX (4 DIGIT).


You Do Not Have To Have A Paypal Account To Use Paypal. Use The Button Below If Your Know The Amount To Be Paid

  1. Click on the "Pay Now" Button Below.
  2. Enter the amount you wish to pay.
  3. Click on the update link and enter either your Paypal info or credit card info.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Have You Been In Business?

We opened our doors in Miami, Florida Dec. 1, 1989 in a brick and mortar office with the goal of providing professional graphics.

On Dec 1, 1996, We expanded to web design and marketing. We launched our marketing website first to promote small businesses on the Internet. We later launched our design website

Due to a personal condo fire accident to the owner, on May 1, 2007, we moved our operations to Georgia.

Do You Use WordPress?

No, we are professional designers and have no need to use these tools. These are great for some clients that have some computer or web skills, but can be very time consuming. We have used professional grade web and graphics tools since we opened our doors, currently upgrading the most current Adobe™ Creative Cloud CC, service.

What Is The Rate For A Basic Project?

The best way for us to give you an accurate rate for your project is to consult with you to discuss your needs. However, we've completed enough projects to be able to give you an idea on this website. We have packages from $500 to $5,000.

Do You Provide Any Marketing Services?

No matter how attractive your site is, it will produce nothing unless you let someone know that it's available. We’ve been providing Optimization, SEO marketing, email marketing, and Google advertising services since 1996. We have an 85-95% success rate.

How Do I Update My Website Once Completed?

This is where we excel, since we built the site, we're in the best position to update it fast and accurately. You basically have 2 main choices depending on if you require frequent or periodic changes. Either way, we can either provide those changes for you which lets you focus on your business. The other option is for us to develop and install a content management system that will let you make basic changes to pages, while preserving your overall look.

What Forms Of Payments Do You Accept?

Through Paypal, we are able to accept most major credit cards (AMEX, Visa, Mastercard, Discover) and echecks.

How Do I Get Started?

You contact us at 478-922-8979 and let us provide you with your initial free consultation. We will attempt to answer any questions you may have. Once you're comfortable with our presentation, we will email you with a simple proposal complete with a deposit link. Once we receive your deposit, we will send you a "getting started' link that will provide you with the simple information you will need.

This information includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Sending your content/images/social media links, etc.
  2. Selecting your colors (we have an online color chart)
  3. If you do not have a domain name already, we will ask for 2-3 names you are considering so we can register them.

Contact Us Today At 478-922-8979 For Your Free Initial Consultation To Answer Your Remaining Questions.