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Since 1996 I have been providing web site design & development, consulting, marketing, hosting, maintenance, and affordable e-Commerce solutions. My in-house design and support team consists of qualified and degreed personnel that provide my clients with the best possible service. If the need arises where I need to get outside support, I only use full-time professional individuals and companies that are dedicated to our same goal.

My name is George Donathan, I have been in the internet business since December 1, 1996. I own and and operate a few websites related to design, marketing, hosting, support and training. For the last 20 years, I’ve operated mainly under the name of “Affordable Web Sites”. I took this website from its infancy when “netscape” was a dominant search engine, all the way to the top of google, yahoo and bing search engines. Over the last 20 years, I’ve accumulated a vast amount of knowledge and resources. Through this website, I’m making my entire services available and will share some of my knowledge.

Previously, this website was just used for specialized situations. On this website, I have combined my complete network of support websites as well as added some training services for some “do it yourself” clients. My previous staff have advanced their talents to become full time entrepreneurs. I now refer to them as "my partners" or "my team".

Main Web Goals For My Clients

  1. To Design An Attractive Project
  2. To Make It Efficient and Mobile Friendly
  3. To Make It Affordable

Did your favorite DJ move to another city, but you still want to use their services? Do you want a DJ who can play music for your event but the cost of having one come to your small office party breaks the budget?

Get Excellent Customized Music for Your Event

The Internet has revolutionized the way we listen to music. You have iTunes, YouTube, and virtual music services, all of them giving you access to music anytime and anywhere. But what if want a customized music playlist and DJ services? The total expense and the hassle involved is a deterrent in many cases.

That’s where AC Old School Mixes can help. We have been a part of this industry for over 15 years and have the experience needed to create great music.







As Veronica Heart, I specialize in all erotica genres and hot romance stories. Please contact me regarding my schedule, as I am currently inundated with independent authors' and large publishing companies' productions through January 2018 - thank you and I look forward to working with you :-)


I Anyssia Gibbs am an unselfish and forward thinking Team Leader. I value the contributions of each team member and I always make myself available to listen to what each teammate has to say.
As the Team Captain I demonstrate respect through my actions; and continuously remind my teammates of their respective roles and how to function, on and off the court. I promote a family and harmonious atmosphere for the

Lady Cougars Basketball Team through my positive thinking and optimistic attitude; which provides motivation to my teammates.

My belief is that positivity gives the team hope to go on playing the game; no matter how the situation appears. I demonstrate how impeccable defense can stop my opponents; and I try to serve as a role model to my teammates to inspire them to play lock down defense, and to give 100% all of the time.

My goal is to mentor my teammates; aside from being a talented basketball player and the best leader that I can be. I never let negativity disrupt the focus of the team; and I remind them that “we play to win”.



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The best way for us to give you an accurate rate for your project is to consult with you to discuss your needs. However, we've completed enough projects to be able to give you an idea on this website. Just click each title for more details.

Our One Page Mobile Packages

Starter Package

From $350.00


Payment Method

We accept all major credit cards through Paypal. We require a deposit of 50% and the balance when completed.


Start Up Consultation

This is a phone consultation of no more than 1 hour so we can answer any questions you may have. In addition, we will ask a few questions to gage the direction of your project and to inform of the minimum requirements of your request. We will also advise you of some of the features I recommend and why we recommend them.

Planning & Research

Our planning and research phase includes doing a google search of your industry to get an idea of what others are doing. In addition, we will make notes of the common features, colors, etc. to determine the best way to proceed with your project.

Standard Mobile Layout

All of our layouts are mobile friendly which allows your project to adjust to any device your visitors are using. We design your project on a high end desktop, while viewing it simultaneously on a laptop smart phone and tablet. We want to see first hand how it will look on those devices. Of course they have "simulators" but we'd rather view them on the actual devices.

Contact Form

We will create a professional interactive form and install it on a separate secure server so that your visitors can communicate with you. We have a variety of forms available and will create at a minimum a contact form. This form will collect information from your visitors and send it to your email address.

Email Integration

We will setup an email forward to your current email address. In addition, we will create a separate business related email address for your web use.

Social Media Integration

At the very least, we will add your social media links to your project. When necessary, we will create a new social media account especially for this project.

Optimized Graphics

Graphics are the elements that make your project attractive. Most people have no idea how to make those images useful for the web. We will take your existing photos and optimize them for the web, adjusting them to make them load as fast as possible.

Access To Our Graphics Library

For those clients that do not have many graphics, you'll have access to the same graphics libraries we use. We have one graphics library that is no additional charge to you and 1 other that requires an additional fee.

Text Logo

If you do not have a personal or business logo, we can create a nice attractive text logo for you. If you want something more custom, we can either create a nice logo or have one of our my partners create something for you. Samples are available on this website.

Shared Hosting Account

We setup a shared hosting account with 1GB of server space for your projects.

Local & Remote Server Backups

We are always surprised at the answer I usually get when we ask "when was the last time you backed up your computer". All hosting companies back up their servers nightly. We go one step further and back up and archive your project in the cloud as well as an old fashioned method of DVD disks. We actually have a copy of every project we've ever completed since 1996.

30 days Of Maintenance

Websites that stay fresh and are constantly updated are proven to increase traffic, boost sales and leads and strengthen brand authority. We give you the 1st 30 days of maintenance at no additional charge, this 30 days will determine you "real time" needs. if at the end of those 30 days it's determined that you need an ongoing maintenance plan, we'll advise you.

CD/DVD Copy Of Project

Again, we are always surprised at the answer I usually get when we ask "when was the last time you backed up your computer". To protect your investment, we'll send you a hard copy of your project at no additional charge. Additional copies can be obtained for an additional fee.

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We Build All Projects From Scratch, No Site Builders


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Our Hourly Rate Structure

To pay for any of our services, make sure you have your major credit card info (AMEX, MASTER CARD OR VISA). The name and address must match exactly as it appears on your card and/or billing statement.

In addition, you must provide your Credit Card Identification Number(CID) that is located on the back of your master card or visa (3 DIGIT) and on the front if you have AMEX (4 DIGIT).


You Do Not Have To Have A Paypal Account To Use Paypal. Use The Button Below If Your Know The Amount To Be Paid

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