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Our eCommerce Packages

Basic From $1450

includes hosting & site monitoring

Plus $50 per month


Payment Method

We accept all major credit cards through Paypal. You can pay for this package in 3 payments where you determine the deposit and payments.

Start Up Consultation

This is a phone consultation of no more than 1 hour so we can answer any questions you may have. In addition, we will ask a few questions to gage the direction of your project and to inform of the minimum requirements of your request. We will also advise you of some of the features I recommend and why i recommend them.

Content Pages

Unlimited Pages

Planning & Research

Our planning and research phase includes doing a google search of your industry to get an idea of what others are doing. In addition, we will make notes of the common features, colors, etc. to determine the best way to proceed with your project.

Standard Mobile Layout

All of our layouts are mobile friendly which allows your project to adjust to any device your visitors are using. We design your project on a high end desktop, while viewing it simultaneously on a laptop smart phone and tablet. We want to see first hand how it will look on those devices. Of course they have "simulators" but we'd rather view them on the actual devices.

Online Store Programmed & Installed

We will install and program a professional online store complete with all configurations needed to activate. Based on our research, we will match a theme as best as possible from scratch or from my deluxe library.

Unlimited Products & Categories

This online store can hold an unlimited amount of products and can be programmed to display and unlimited amount of categories. However, we will program your first 100 products and/or categories.

Physical or Digital Products

This online store is available to sell physical products such as computers, lawnmowers, etc. or music, ebooks, etc.. In addition, we can program it to sell a combination of both.

Over 200 Additional Features

A complete list of features are posted on this page.

SEO Optimized Article

While we are designing your layout, we assign your project to my content writing team to produce an article announcing your project. This article will be optimized with keywords used in the search engines and placed in one major "article displaying" website.

Contact Form

We will create a professional interactive form and install it on a separate secure server so that your visitors can communicate with you. We have a variety of forms available and will create at a minimum a contact form. This form will collect information from your visitors and send it to your email address.

Email Integration

We will setup an email forward to your current email address. In addition, we will create a separate business related email address for your web use.

Social Media Integration

At the very least, we will add your social media links to your project. When necessary, we will create a new social media account especially for this project.

Optimized Graphics

Graphics are the elements that make your project attractive. Most people have no idea how to make those images useful for the web. We will take your existing photos and optimize them for the web, adjusting them to make them load as fast as possible.

Access To Our Graphics Library

For those clients that do not have many graphics, you'll have access to the same graphics libraries we use. We have one graphics library that is no additional charge to you and 1 other that requires an additional fee.

Text Logo

If you do not have a personal or business logo, we can create a nice attractive text logo for you. If you want something more custom, we can either create a nice logo or have one of our partners create something for you. Samples are available on this website.

Image Gallery

For those clients that have multiple images to view, we will create a professional image gallery for your visitors to view. Samples are available on this website.

Digital (SSL) Certificate

A SSL certificate was once only purchased if you were going to do secured transaction on your website. However, google will start requiring all websites to have a SSL certificate installed before they consider adding your project to their directory. we install a basic SSL certificate to your project. Our SSL certificate is viewable on any of our pages starting at, notice the address starts with "https" instead of "http"

Web Blog

We will install a basic WordPress blog so that you can post updates,events, etc. about you or your company.

Managed Hosting

Every developer boasts about having unlimited storage space, fast servers, etc., and we are no different. What makes us different is that, we lease a dedicated server and place only our clients on those servers. This increases reliability, security and reduces spam.

Site Monitoring

All hosting companies have engineers monitoring the servers where your accounts are located. We go one step further and install special software to monitor your actual project every 30 minutes.

Local & Remote Server Backups

We are always surprised at the answer we usually get when we ask "when was the last time you backed up your computer". All hosting companies back up their servers nightly. We go one step further and back up and archive your project in the cloud as well as an old fashioned method of DVD disks. We actually have a copy of every project I've ever completed since 1996.

30 days Of Maintenance

Websites that stay fresh and are constantly updated are proven to increase traffic, boost sales and leads and strengthen brand authority. We give you the 1st 30 days of maintenance at no additional charge, this 30 days will determine you "real time" needs. if at the end of those 30 days it's determined that you need an ongoing maintenance plan, we'll advise you.

Online Training Of Site Features

We will provide some basic training on some of the features needed to make sure you know how to post your site on social media, check your email and a few other basics..

CD/DVD Copy Of Project

Again, we are always surprised at the answer we usually get when we ask "when was the last time you backed up your computer". To protect your investment, we'll send you a hard copy of your project at no additional charge. Additional copies can be obtained for an additional fee.

Recommended Options

eMail Marketing

eCommerce PackageStandard PackageBudget Package

Store Design

  • Responsive design themes
  • Multi-level category fly-out menus
  • Works in all popular web browsers
  • Web-based control panel

Help & Support

  • Support professionals available 24/7 via phone, live chat and email
  • Support on Twitter and Facebook during normal business hours

Hosting & Security

  • Level 1 certified PCI compliant
  • Enterprise-grade network architecture
  • Over 1,000 Gbps of connectivity
  • Shared SSL certificate
  • The ability to buy your own SSL certificate

Images & Photos

  • Upload as many photos as you want (up to plan limits)
  • Add photos from your computer or a website
  • Automatically generated image listing for product pages
  • Photo thumbnails on product pages
  • Thumbnail photos created automatically

Orders & Checkout

  • Abandoned Cart Saver (Plus plans and above)
  • Single page checkout
  • Support for pre-orders
  • Minimum and maximum product quantities
  • Basic shipping quote estimates
  • Guest checkout option
  • Refunds and store credits
  • Delivery/event dates
  • Order tracking links sent automatically via email
  • Order confirmation emails
  • Order shipments

Product Options & Bundling

  • Products options: sizes, colors, configurations, etc.
  • Unlimited options for each product
  • Option field types: checkbox, date picker, file upload, text field, multiline text field, number field, product list, color swatch, texture swatch, and rectangle
  • Rules to adjust price, weight, photo and stock, eg charging extra for larger sizes
  • Unique SKUs for each product option
  • Unique images for each product option
  • Stock on hand for each product option
  • Low stock level for each option
  • Configurable display order for product options

Tax Rates & Settings

  • The most flexible tax system available
  • Automated sales tax setup for US states
  • State-based tax zones
  • Country-based tax zones
  • Flat tax option
  • Support for selling locally, nationally or internationally

Configurable Fields

  • Collect additional product info
  • Text, file and checkbox field types
  • Dropdown field types
  • Fields display on product page or invoice
  • Upload file formats can be restricted
  • Fields shown with order for processing
  • Unlimited number of fields supported
  • Required fields


  • Full content management system functionality
  • 100% browser based
  • Webpage publishing
  • Easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor
  • Contact forms (responses sent via email)
  • News items
  • Built-in blog

Import/Export Options

  • Bulk export/re-import for thousands of items
  • Imported products review for quality control
  • Easy importation of existing products
  • Two-way sync with Intuit QuickBooks through Webgility eCC
  • Extremely flexible import system
  • Product export to CSV/XML
  • Order export to Shipworks
  • Export to MYOB, Peachtree
  • One-way sync with StoneEdge


  • Custom product, product and web page URLs
  • Automatic 301 redirects
  • Per-page optimization (title, meta, etc.)
  • Page title and meta details
  • Automatically generated HTML sitemap
  • XML sitemap for Google Webmaster Tools
  • SEO-friendly title tags, product links, category links, brand links, search links, page links and news links
  • SEO-friendly link toggling for major pages
  • Tableless store designs
  • Custom product image alt text
  • New search engine optimization added regularly

Delivery/Event Dates

  • Date-based events support for selling tickets to concerts, conferences, etc.
  • Delivery dates support for selling flowers, baked goods, etc.
  • Orders filterable by delivery/event date
  • Delivery confirmation of purchase via email
  • Date selection required or optional

Products & Merchandising

  • Support for selling physical products, digital goods, and services
  • Product options (size, color, etc.)
  • Minimum and maximum product quantities
  • Custom fields (i.e., text to print on a t-shirt)
  • Bin picking number per product/SKU which appears on packing slip
  • Bulk discount quantity pricing
  • Gift wrapping options
  • "Catalog only" mode
  • "Call for pricing" option
  • Support for brands/manufacturers
  • Unlimited categories
  • Embed videos in product descriptions
  • Per-product YouTube video gallery
  • Per-product gift wrapping
  • Live shipping quotes
  • Product reviews & comments
  • Built-in spam prevention for product reviews
  • Disqus comment/reviews integration

In-Store Merchandising

  • Full product catalog
  • Online checkout system
  • "Call for pricing" option
  • One click add to cart
  • Product comparisons
  • Order status updates
  • Live order tracking
  • Public wish lists
  • Related products


  • 20+ performance reports
  • Daily conversion rate
  • Top 20 customers
  • Bestselling products
  • Storage reports
  • Transfer reports
  • Sales tax report by date
  • Popular products
  • Inventory report
  • Customers by date
  • Revenue per customer
  • Search keywords with results
  • Search keywords without results

Customers & Groups

  • Customer group discounts
  • Default group for new customers
  • Support for moving customers between groups
  • Category level discounts
  • Storewide group discounts
  • Unlimited customer groups
  • CSV import of customers

Inventory Management

  • Out-of-stock settings for products and options
  • Low stock notifications via email

Returns System (RMA)

  • Complete returns system
  • Refund, swap or store credit
  • Customizable return reasons
  • Supports return of specific items from an order
  • Email notification for new returns

Marketing & Promotions

  • Free shipping coupon codes
  • eBay integration for selling/auctioning products
  • Trackable coupon codes
  • Integration with popular shopping comparison sites
  • Integration with MailChimp
  • Google Trusted Stores automation for improved conversion
  • Coupon expiry date
  • Coupon limited uses
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Gift certificates
  • Promotions: buy one get one free, free shipping over $x, $x off orders over $y, etc.
  • "Customers who viewed this product also viewed" panel
  • Google AdWords export
  • Yahoo Search Marketing export
  • Popular products list
  • New products list
  • Top sellers list

Email Marketing

  • Integration with iContact
  • Integration with MailChimp
  • Integration with Constant Contact
  • CSV newsletter subscriber export
  • CSV customer export

Social Media Marketing

  • Facebook storefront via SocialShop 2
  • Facebook "Like" buttons on product pages
  • Support for Pinterest Rich Pins
  • IntenseDebate comment/reviews integration and sharing on Facebook/Twitter
  • Disqus comment/reviews integration and sharing on Facebook/Twitter
  • AddThis button for sharing to popular social media sites
  • Standard or theme-specific social media icons

Shopping Comparison Engines

  • Built-in integration with popular shopping comparison sites
  • Product export to PriceGrabber
  • Product export to
  • Product export to Google Shopping

Mobile Commerce

  • Mobile selling on all popular devices
  • iPad-native shopping experience
  • iPhone-optimized mobile experience
  • Android-optimized mobile experience
  • Palm Pre-optimized mobile experience
  • Blackberry-optimized mobile experience
  • Support for PayPal Express Mobile

Sell on eBay

  • Manage eBay product listings from Bigcommerce
  • Fast and easy listing to eBay
  • Custom shipping and taxes for eBay listings
  • Custom price variances for eBay listings
  • Live listings viewable from Bigcommerce
  • Automatic order creation in Bigcommerce when auction is won or BIN is purchased
  • Fulfillment of eBay orders directly from Bigcommerce
  • No limit on number of eBay listings

Payments & Shipping

  • Accept credit cards online
  • Support for 60+ payment gateways, including PayPal
  • Support for secure checkout
  • Print USPS postage labels in the control panel
  • UPS, USPS and FedEx address label printing via Shipworks integration
  • Support for "offline" payments like COD, pay in store, pay by check, etc.
  • Location auto-detection for currency
  • Real-time shipping quotes for UPS, USPS, FedEx, Aus Post, etc.
  • Customizable shipping rates
  • Shipping methods limitable by country, state, zip code
  • Various free shipping options

Multi-Currency Support

  • Robust multi-currency support
  • Live, automatically updated exchange rates
  • Automatic visitor currency detection
  • Custom exchange rates if required
  • Default currency
  • Per-currency symbol, decimal places, etc.

Dropshipping & Warehouse

  • Dropshipping through Ordoro integration
  • Warehousing & inventory by Shipwire
  • Suppliers invoice emails
  • CSV order export

In-Store Search

  • Search suggest
  • "Did you mean?" suggestions
  • Related searches list
  • Filtering by price, free shipping
  • Shopping by brand, price


  • Minimum password strength indicator


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Our Hourly Rate Structure

To pay for any of our services, make sure you have your major credit card info (AMEX, MASTER CARD OR VISA). The name and address must match exactly as it appears on your card and/or billing statement.

In addition, you must provide your Credit Card Identification Number(CID) that is located on the back of your master card or visa (3 DIGIT) and on the front if you have AMEX (4 DIGIT).


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