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Site Analysis/Research Services - If you have a website, you need this service.

Our Site Analysis Services lets you track your existing marketing position, your competitors position or both. It also helps you select the best keywords, get an approximate costs for Google adwords and helps plan an effective strategy for a successful marketing campaign.

  • We have a variety of reports that we can run for both your website and your competitors.
  • We can run one report or a package of reports one time, weekly or monthly. Contact us at 478-922-8979 for samples or additional information.

Our clients marketing reports includes some major tools that help you get a global picture of your websites performance from a marketing perspective. Some of these reports are available in our marketing campaigns. These additional reports are made available as a one time, weekly or monthly service. If you want any individual report ran, please contact us at 478-922-8979.


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Available Reports

Client Site Analysis

1. Keyword Search - This service gives helps you select the proper keywords by showing how many times a particular keyword has been search in a given month. High search count produces good keywords.

2. Current Ranking Report - This service gives you an indication where your company is ranked on the major search engines. This is based on the keywords selected.

3. Ranking Service Compared To Your Competitors - This service outlines you and your competitors' ranking score

4. Your Current Indexed Pages - This service gives you an indication of which of your pages are indexed in the major search engines.

5. Search Engine Page Views - This service gives you a short description of how your current index page is viewed on the major search engines.

Samples Available Upon Request

Competitor Site Analysis

6. Link Popularity Report - This service shows how many websites are linked to yours compared to up to 3 competitors.

7. Link Partner Report - This service lists potential "link partners" you could consider establishing a link partner relationship with. It is based on the keywords selected and your industry.

8. Initial Optimization Report - The analysis of your page shows that it meets all necessary requirements to occupy a top-5 position for the given keyword. However we strongly recommend you to update the page periodically, as the majority of the search engines often shift the stale, never-changing pages away from the top positions.

9. Keyword Density Report - Keyword density is the percentage of times a keyword or phrase appears on a web page compared to the total number of words on the page.

10. Search Engine View - This service shows you how your web page looks to the search engines. It will highlight how they see your keywords reflected on a page.

Samples Available Upon Request


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