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Use This Page To Prepare For Your Project

Click Here To View Our Online Color Chart - Go to our online color chart and select your initial 2 colors. If your project uses a lot of white or a minimalist theme, you can skip this item.

Go to the next section "preparing your content" from the tabs above

Preparing Your Content

We prefer that you send us your content in Ms-word(.doc) format attached to an e-mail message. Decide On The Names Of Each Page - Look through your material and decide the names of each page and the content that will appear on each page. if this is a redesign we will use the names that are currently available.

Make sure each page you need has all content in an acceptable format. If you are using a current word processor, spreadsheet, graphics or presentation program, you should be fine. Make sure content is spell and grammar checked.

Provide us with any company information you want posted (mailing address, business hours, phone, etc.)

    1. Spell check and format your document as best as you can.
    2. Prepare an send to us with an attachment of your word document with the proper name of the document in the subject of the message

Here are file formats we currently accept....

Social Media Links

Provide us with the links to any social network accounts (twitter, facebook, linkedin, etc.)

Send any links that you have to outside websites, partnerships, affiliates, etc.

Send your facebook link, if you do not have a facebook account and want one, you can sign up for one here.

Send your twitter link, if you do not have a twitter account and want one, you can sign up for one here.

Send your LinkedIn link, if you do not have a LinkedIn account and want one, you can sign up for one here.

Preparing Your Images

Send Us Any Images (logos, photos, etc.).

We prefer that you send your images as big as you can in any normal graphics format (.jpg/.jpeg). Make sure they are of the best quality as possible, if they need to be corrected, let us know in advance. The maximum size that can be sent through email is 10gb. If your image is larger than that, let us know and we will instruct on how to send these.


If you need images...

We use iStockphoto for our premium images. Their library of photos, illustrations, videos and audio files is over 8-million strong. details here.

Some Free image Sites (you my have to join a mailing list on some, but the images are free)

  1. We have a membership with Graphics Stock We Allow You Up To 10 Images At No Charge From This Source.
  2. Free Images From
  3. Free Email Images From UnSplash Through Email Subscription.
  4. Free Email Images From Through Email Subscription.

For Online Store Projects

1). Total number of products

2). Is it a physical or digital product?

3). Description of each product

4). Picture of each product

5). Categories (womens, mens, girls boys, etc.)

6). If Apparel, give sizes (sm, med, lg, xlg, xxlg, etc.)

7). Shipping rate (flat rate or based or total)

8). If You Will Be Using Paypal, Provide (Paypal e-mail address for payment)

9). If You Do Not Currently Have A Paypal Account, sign up here.