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The Cost Of Building A Website

There are many costs associated with a website. The first cost? Building the website. Prices vary for how much it will cost to build a website, and will depend on the size, quality, and customizations involved. Here’s a quick ballpark of what it would cost to have a brand new website developed based on a review of at least 5 competitors:

  • Small Business Website: Basic information with usually under 20 pages and stock photos will cost between $1,000 and $5,000.
  • Medium Business Website: A more in-depth website with over 20 pages, custom graphics, and some web spices could cost between $3,000 and $10,000.
  • Large Business: Large sites often need multimedia or custom scripts created. These could cost between $3,000 and $20,000. depending on their intricacy.

In addition to these up-front costs of building a website, you need to consider the recurring fees associated with running it. For example:

  1. Domain Name: Your domain is the title of your website, the URL that gets people to where you want them to go. Our rate for new domains run from $15-$20 annually, and you can add privacy and prepay a few years in advance.
  2. Website Host: Once you have your domain name, you need to find a place to host your site. Our hosting range from $10-$20 per month.
  3. Content Management System: Your CMS is what you use to display articles, videos, and photos on your site. It isn’t necessary, but it will save time because it is easy and efficient to use. Depending on which you choose, it could be minimal in cost (like the ever-popular WordPress) or custom ones can cost a few hundred dollars to build.
  4. SSL Certificate: The secure socket layer, or SSL, is the certificate that encrypts sensitive personal information that is exchanged on your website. If you ask for personal identifying information anywhere on your website like a form or in an e-commerce store, you MUST have an SSL certificate. Our SSL certificate starts at $69 a year.

Additional Options

And these costs are just to have a website up and running. You must build content and implement digital efforts to amplify your website so it reaches your ideal audience. To do that, you need:
  • Stock Photos: Professional looking pictures can turn a simple design into an awesome masterpiece. We use a couple of outstanding partners for our stock photos as well as a subscription to a paid stock photo library. Premium stock photos start at $11-$60 per image.
  • Custom Graphics: The cost for our graphic services is just $60 an hour with 1 hour already added into the basic rate.
  • Content: Unless you’re a writer, it’s beneficial for your business to let us write some content for you using our professional team that specializes in SEO to create content for your site. The cost for content creators is from $30 to $75 per article, press release or page content.
  • Maintenance: If you want us to make the changes for you, the cost for this starts at $60 a month.
  • Website Security: *Google will blacklist sites that could be considered dangerous to visitors, which makes it nearly impossible for people to find you. Adding this service will identify and resolve any blacklisting issues, so there’s no interruption to your business. The average cost for this is from $10-$25 a month.
  • Search Engine Optimization: SEO is a series of tasks that help your website rank higher within search engines. Check out this article for SEO best practices for digital branding. SEO costs vary per agency or freelancer, but it can cost about $500 up front, and then about $200 – $500 per month on average for maintenance.
  • Pay-Per-Click: PPC advertising is the ad that you’ll find on the sidebars and banners of websites and Google results. Targeted ads help businesses get increased traffic on their website and are a quick way to get more people visiting. The cost for PPC really depends on your budget. You pay for every ad clicked. The cost for that click depends on the cost of the keyword and how many other people are bidding on that same keyword.
  • Social Media Management: The Essential Duties of this service is to manage social media activity and day-to-day activities including: Developing relevant content topics to reach the company's target audience. We combine our experience of search engine optimized(SEO) content writing with an effective social media posting tool to create this effective service called social media management. We currently post to your twitter, facebook and/or linkedIn accounts up to 7 times a day. We gather content from you directly, your website and from our team of content writers after researching your industry. Our rate for this service is fro $60 to $100 a month.

Mobile Website Solutions

We bank upon the skills and experience of our highly qualified web designers and developers to deliver world class e-Commerce solutions to our clients. Besides, we have a channel of partners in the domains of hosting, website maintenance and marketing to ensure that your goals are always met.

We have designed and developed hundreds of affordable web sites to help our clients tap the vast potential that the mobile browsing environment offers today. We don’t want you to judge our web services and solutions through the number of clients we have, but by the level of customer service that we offer.

There are many advantages of choosing us for designing and developing your mobile site:

  • Our mobile website designers help you achieve better average time on site
  • We develop mobile sites that load faster
  • The mobile sites developed by us provide better user experience to your visitors
  • We have the expertise for delivering enhanced mobile SEO

When you hire our mobile web designing and development services, you will be able to get a competitive edge over the competition.

Why You Need A Web Designer?

A web designer will get you through the whole website designing process. At Affordable Web Sites you will get a dedicated web designer to help you. We will provide you with one-on-one services, where you will be allotted a designer solely for your services from start to end. You can contact our designer directly for any issues and you won’t even have to channel through customer services.

Before you hire, you must know why you need a quality and an experienced web designer. That's why we include some form of SEO Marketing with all of our packages except for our budget package. The reasons are stated below:

  • First impressions: Website is the first impression of your business and as the old tale goes, first impression is everything.
  • Higher search engine ranking: A big term in today’s online world is Search Engine Optimization or SEO. You must have an updated site at all times to meet the optimization conditions of remaining at top of all Google or Yahoo searches.
  • Challenging the competition: Let’s face the real fact - The better your site is, the lesser will be the level of competition.
  • Generate more revenue: The greater is your SEO value, the more traffic your site will attract and hence, you will be able to generate more revenue.

Summary Of Our Design Process

We choose your domain name and hosting plan.

All websites live in a specific spot on the web; this step is where you choose yours. We brainstorm possible URLs for your website and do some research into available domain names.

We have our own domain registrar to make this process easier, so once you’ve settled on a domain name that you know is available, we can start looking at web hosting plans to find one that’s a good fit for your needs. You can sign up for hosting and register for your domain name in one fell swoop so it’s all ready for you once your website’s done.

We create your website plan.

Before you get to work creating your website, start by asking yourself all the big questions about what you want it to be. Thinking through what you want to get out of your website will help you develop a clear plan for what the website itself should be.

A few questions to ask at this phase include:

  •      What’s the goal of your website?
  •      What actions do you want visitors to take when they come to your website?
  •      Should the website include a blog?
  •      Will you be selling items through your website?
  •      Who do you want to reach with your website?

Considering what you want your website to do and how to make that happen will help you clarify how we approach each of the steps to come.

We perform audience and competitive research.

Your website’s not for you. One of the most important things you need to understand when building a new website is take time to understand who your target audience is and what they want. On day one, you asked yourself who you wanted reach with your website. Now, you want to dive in and learn as much about the people you want coming to your website as possible.

Our research of your industry will help us find out more information about your audience. And one of our not-so-secret weapons here is spending time perusing what your competitors are doing. See what their websites look like, the copy they’re using, and the topics they’re covering. As a head start for your own website, we can learn from what seems to be working for them.

We outline your site architecture.

All the research and planning we do did helps make this step relatively easy.

During this phase, we work out the specific pages you want to include on your website and how to organize them. If your website will be on the smaller side – just a few main pages – then you may be fine with one main menu that includes all your pages.

If your website will be a bit more involved than that and include a lot of pages, then you’ll want to figure out categories to slot them into to make your main menu less complicated and the site more intuitive for users.  We work up a sitemap to make sure you know where every page on your website will go, how it will be connected to others, and that it will be easy for people to find when they’re looking for it.

We design your website.

Once we find something that feels right based on all the research and planning we’ve done so far, we start molding it to look just how you want it to. We build out the menus and pages you developed in your site architecture. We spend some time looking for and creating relevant images here as well to populate the different pages of your website.

We add your copy.

Now you need to fill all those pages we've created in. If you’re not a professional copywriter, this may be a step you’ll want to revisit later, but in the interest of getting the site up without excuses, we’ll help you develop some starter copy for now.

We'll make use of the audience and competitor research we did to give you ideas and make sure we’re writing copy relevant to the people you want to reach at this stage. RWe'll provide the necessary information on each page of the website you’re building.

We review everything and launch.

Now that we have everything in place to launch your website. Before we actually make it live, we spend some time on it. We see if we find the navigation intuitive and proofread all the pages we wrote to look for errors or clunky sentences.

Once we feel ready, we publish it to the web.


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