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Graphics Design

Custom Graphics & Website Logos Mean Much More than Improved Brand Recall

There are many advantages of investing in custom graphics, logos and using more images in your website design. It contributes to your brand image in a multitude of ways while also enhancing usability. Affordable Websites provides total web designing solutions including custom logo, layout and graphics designing to ensure that your website stands out for its unique looks while addressing your branding needs.

Make Your Website More Appealing

Affordable Websites has experienced graphics and web designers who will evaluate your business and branding goals before creating your site’s visual elements including website logos and layouts. At the same time high quality images will be used to tell your story more effectively.

A website is meant to deliver useful information to your visitors. The right design elements can further increase their attention span. The combination of more useful information and appealing layout means your visitors will stay longer on your web pages. It will also mean that your visitors will check other content, expecting to get more in terms of value.

The Affordable Websites teams specialize in all the different aspects of web designing including:

  • Logo designing

  • image galleries

  • banner designing

  • single-page/multi-page layout designs

  • ecommerce layout designs

What is the Difference Between a Graphic Designer and a Web Designer?

Even though the responsibilities of the two occupations may appear similar at first glance, there are some significant differences between a graphic designer and a web designer. 

The Categorical Differences

Graphic design falls under the category of “Arts and Design.” Web design falls under the category of “Computer and Information Technology.” The categories show that graphic designers concern themselves mostly with the visual and artistic aspects of a project, while web designers concern themselves with the technical aspects of a project. This is not to say that graphic designers never use technology or that web designers rarely incorporate the graphic arts.

Graphic Designers

As mentioned, compared with web designers, graphic designers are much more involved in the artistic and (as obvious as it may seem) graphic side of a project. Graphic designers create images by hand and with technological aids. They are concerned with the presentation of a project. Graphic designers are often involved in advertising and promotion, making sure each project has the appropriate and desired look and feel. Those interested in graphic design, its employment outlook, and its earnings should consult the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. 


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